DOT Physicals – CDL Medical Certificate

Credentialed to perform DOT Physicals for CDL holders following 2023 FMSCA guidelines. Our doctor(s) will:

  • Review your health history.
  • Perform a urine test.
  • Perform a non-invasive physical exam.
  • Complete the DOT “Medical Examiner’s Certificate” if medically qualified.
Sample DOT Medical Examiner's Certificate
Lasts up to 2 years & is granted only by “Certified Medical Examiners” to Commercial Drivers  (sample pictured above)

What Does the DOT Physical Involve?

      1. Review your health medical history including all prior surgeries.
      2. Review of recent & current medications (prescription, OTC, herbal &/or supplements).
      3. Urine sample is required (given in-office).
      4. Blood pressure, pulse  & heart rate check.
      5. Test vision test both eyes – glasses/contacts ok!
      6. Hearing check (bring hearing aids if you wear them).
      7. General physical exam (superficial, non-invasive).
      8. Additional info:
        • Federal certification requires basic comprehension of English-language.
        • You will not be checked for alcohol or drugs. If your employer requires this it would be handled via an additional exam in outside lab.
        • No treatment is provided.
        • We provide IMMEDIATE exam results (see below).

Easy 1-2-3.  Help us Make Your CDL DOT Physical Hassle-Free.

    1. Obtain your printed medical records for all conditions being treated (with or w/o medications) such as diabetes, cardiac disease, sleep disorders, neurological conditions, etc. Verify the Doctors name & contact info for each treatment, surgery & medication.

    2. Complete the 3-page Printable & Fillable Medical History & Current Medications/Supplements Form.

      Note – some medications can temporarily impair driving, including – but not limited to –  meds for pain, psychiatric conditions, smoking cessation, chronic conditions, etc. Such meds require a letter from your treating/prescribing doctor stating you are medically clearance for CDL activities with these medications.

    3. It is advised to get examined 45-days prior to expiration of your current Medical Certificate, in the event that additional tests and/or info is required to obtain re-certification. 

What to Bring to your Physical Exam

    • Payment (cash or debit/credit card – no personal checks) for the exam. No refunds.
    • Take any prescription meds as usual. No caffeine, alcohol or tobacco use on exam day.
    • Drink plenty of water as you will give a urine sample at the office.
    • Bring Photo ID (State Drivers License, Passport, CDL, etc.).
    • Bring your expiring DOT Medical Certificate (if previously certified).
    • Bring the PRINTED medical records & prescriptions info packet as described above. 

Immediate Exam Results. No Waiting Games.

  • Drivers who MEDICALLY QUALIFY will walk-out with your “Medical Examiner’s Certificate”.
  • Drivers who bring incomplete information have up to 45-days to return in order to Medically Qualify with Certification.
  • In the unfortunate case you are MEDICALLY UNQUALIFIED  – NOT MEDICALLY FIT FOR DUTY – you will understand exactly why so you can work with your health care provider(s) to address the HEALTH CONDITIONS preventing your CDL Medical Certification. 
Our exam meets DOT and FMSCA requirements. Source: